Butter Services

eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

We help you launch, measure and enhance engaging Direct-to-customer (D2C) digital commerce experiences.

Speed To Market

Our pre-built eCommerce frameworks and connectors help us launch top performing stores lightning fast.

Deep Analytics

We monitor 100+ proprietary metrics for every store to measure and iterate effectively.

Branding & Design

Our branding and digital design team captures the voice of your brand and turns it into eCommerce assets.

Custom Apps

Looking for a feature or integration that’s missing in your eCommerce platform? Our custom apps team can help.

Big Idea

Imagine manufacturers selling direct to customers and owning their brands. Now it’s possible.

eCommerce Transformation

eCommerce Transformation

We help you transform your existing eCommerce systems and take advantage of the next generation platforms to enable transformative digital experiences.

Platform Upgrade

We upgrade your existing platform to Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento or Salesforce Commerce Cloud in record time.

Performance Tuning

From search to checkout, our eCommerce performance experts benchmark and optimize your website to minimize lost sales.

Customer Insights

We help you understand your customers like never before through advanced segmentation and cross platform insights.

Headless eCommerce

For ultimate platform flexibility, Headless eCommerce and Headless CMS are a match made in heaven.

Big Idea

Imagine being able to predict the next customer purchases at precisely the right time. Now it’s possible.

Social eCommerce

Social eCommerce

The future of eCommerce is social. Social media is the new worldwide storefront and we help you leverage it to grow your eCommerce business.

Group Buying

We help you implement group buying eCommerce, one of the most transformative growth tactics, popularized by Pinduoduo.

Referral Marketing

Ask us about the best referral marketing systems to incentivize your customers to spread the word about your brand.

Brand Ambassadors

We help you leverage best in class influencer marketing platforms to find and develop social media brand ambassadors.

Product Communities

We give your customers new ways to engage with your brand and form communities around products they love.

Big Idea

Your customers can be your best sales people. Are you ready to manage a global sales force?

B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce

We help you build modern Business-To-Business (B2B) digital commerce experiences and marketplaces.

B2B2C Commerce

Our B2B and B2C commerce experts bring your wholesalers, distributors and customers into an integrated platform.

Improved Buying Experience

We borrow ideas from B2C standards to build easy to use and highly functional B2B buying experiences.

Platform Modernization

We upgrade legacy B2B systems to future ready platforms that are easy to use, maintain and upgrade.

Custom Integrations

We are experts at developing custom integrations between eCommerce and legacy ERP and accounting platforms.

Big Idea

Create delightful digital B2B experiences for your partners that rival consumer apps. B2B no longer means boring commerce.

Interactive eCommerce

Interactive eCommerce

We help you bring the excitement and tactility of in store shopping to eCommerce using state of the art interactive experiences.

Augmented Reality

Create "virtual try on" and "view in room" eCommerce features using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

3D Catalogs

We turn your product photographs into fully interactive 3D models for photorealistic rendering in eCommerce and marketing catalogs.

Video & Live Selling

We help you build QVC like live selling solutions to connect with and excite your customers like never before.

Virtual CPQ

3D product configurators remove friction and allow your customers to configure and price orders online.

Big Idea

Imagine being able to try out products in a virtual showroom while getting recommendations from virtual sales people. Now it’s possible.

Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

We help you to solve all your payment for ecommerce solutions

Creative Payments

We upgrade your payments systems for the new era of eCommerce including subscriptions, marketplaces and digital wallets.

POS Financing

Offer ultimate payment flexibility to your customers with BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) and Point Of Sale financing options.

Loyalty Solutions

Let us help you launch the ultimate customer loyalty solutions including gift cards, affiliate payments and branded credit cards.

NFT & Crypto Currency

We help you get ahead of your competition with NFT tokens for your existing products and accepting Crypto payments.

Big Idea

eCommerce companies will also be financial services companies in the future. Let us help you unlock the opportunities.